Bed Bugs

Pests are always dangerous for human as they spread many types of diseases in human body. There are different kind of pests those can be dangerous for the health or environment. Now, if we talk about bed bugs then these are commonly discovered in your house. Such type of pests feeding on blood, causing itching bites and generally irritates their human hosts. Whenever you feel the need of eradicating these bed bugs then you need to find the leading pest control company. Pest Expert is the #1 pest control company provides highly professional and specialized pest control services in the United Kingdom.

Here are the few types of bed bugs

There are many bugs that just look like these but we can not say that these all are bed bugs. Now, if we talk about real bed bugs then we can divide them into three parts:

Bed Bugs Eggs

In this stage they are tiny in the size of a pinhead, color is purl white, and marked by eye spot just when they are more than five days old.

Young Bed Bugs

These bugs also called Nymphs. These are smaller, translucent or whitish yellow in color but if they are not fed recently then they can be nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Adult Bed Bugs

They have brown, long, and flat oval shaped body if they not fed recently. They are 5-7mm in size.

So, if you are also suffering from these bed bugs and want to remove them from your house then without delay call to Pest Expert.